Who We Are

Who We Are



Wasael Constructors with global expertise and local presence combines a 36 year legacy of trust and quality in every project. With more than 175 successfully completed projects, we are delivering happiness and safety in each step we take. Based in Karachi, we have an impressive portfolio that varies between business parks, residential units, fire stations, facility centers in Karachi to luxurious residential enclaves in Pakistan.

We are one of the leading constructors and infrastructure developers in Karachi, Pakistan. With a unique journey and reputation for our customer centric approach, transparency and on-time delivery. We take meticulous attention to the smallest details to promise perfection and this has helped us to achieve many awards and accolades.

Wasael Constructors is a name of distinction for quality construction and infrastructure projects.

Performance Excellence
Wasael Constructors is committed to the development of a culture based on Excellence Plus performance. The Group sets stretching targets in all its operations and by applying the five elements of

  • Excellence Plus performance
  • Client Focus
  • Innovation, Responsible Behavior
  • People Development
  • Safety & Environment

Our vision to be the company of first choice for all, able to challenge and change the poor practices synonymous with the construction industry, and compete alongside world-leading businesses.

Client Focus
Our approach is led by an unwavering focus on fully understanding the needs of clients and delivering on our promises, regardless of the scale or complexity of the challenge in hand. Working collaboratively with our clients, we develop bespoke teams and solutions from concept through every stage of the project to completion, ensuring the best expertise and resources are deployed to achieve the required time, cost, quality, safety and sustainability outcomes.

As a company we are passionate about harnessing innovation as a positive force for change. We instil this mindset culturally in every element of our operations and project delivery. We invest heavily in research and development both academically with our university partnerships and at the operational level within our manufacturing and engineering facilities where we put the academic theory into practice.

Responsible Behavior
We take our duty to act responsibly at all times very seriously through proactively managing the impacts of our activities on the environment, our people and the communities in which we operate. We work according to the guiding principles of our founders and by complying with the high standards set out in our code of conduct. In particular,
We place the safety of those involved in or affected by our operations as our core organizational value, aiming to eliminate all accidents on our projects by 2020. We also take a leading role in driving change across our industry by seeking ways to reduce the effect of our operations on the environment through modernization of traditional construction methods and practices.

People Development
At the heart of our drive to challenge and change the construction industry are our people. We believe in employing and developing the very best talent in the industry, challenging them to find and follow a better way and deliver excellence for our clients whilst leaving a lasting legacy for the communities in which we operate. Every industry needs to nurture talent from an early age and at Wasael Constructors, we support a number of educational initiatives to help promote, engage and educate young people about the rewarding careers to be found within construction and engineering.

Safety & Environment
Taking Care of the Community and Environment We Live in

The objective of achieving a standard of excellence in all matters in the field of health and safety is an integral part of realizing the Wasael Constructors goal.

Over the years the WasaelConstructos have progressively developed and improved their safety management systems. This process of development and refinement is ongoing with the express objective of achieving continuous improvement in health and safety performance within Wasael Constructors.

Key points
The Executive Board of Wasael Constructors has identified a series of key points, which support its objective of improving the safety performance across the whole of Wasael Constructors.

  • Occupational accidents, ill health and disability are avoidable.
  • Personal damage and injury, and damage to property of third parties must be avoided at all times.
  • Hazards, which give rise to a risk to health and safety are unacceptable and should be reduced to an acceptable level through the application of control measures.
  • Each and Every member of the organization is responsible for the implementation of the Wasael Constructors health and safety policy, Together We WIN
  • Continuous and systematic improvement must be an integral part of the health and safety management system within each operating company.

It is the view of the Executive Board that Wasael Constructors develops, designs, builds and manages projects that meet needs in respect of people and the environment. With regard to people we mean anyone who is involved in or affected by the activities of the Group: employees, clients, designers, partners, suppliers, subcontractors, buyers and members of the public. ‘Environment’ concerns our respect for and protection of our planet, including all natural and life forms.